Hi friends, in the article I will brief you how to hack wifi password of any device. Before enter in topic I advise you do not play with this information because hacking is a crime.this article is only for informational and educational purposes .we are not responsible for if you will misuse this information.

WiFi hacking tools 

This tool is a python script and free of cost available in open source.


This tool has followings features:-

(a) start monitoring mode
(b) Stop monitoring mode
(c) scan for netoworks
(d) create password word list
(e) getting handshake 
(f) install wirless tools
(g) scan for wps network
(h) perform wps attack
(I) crack handshake with word list
(j) crack handshake without worldlist

Tested on

(a) termux
(b) Kali
(c) Kali net hunter 
(d) ubantu

How to hack wifi with termux

Firstly install wifi hacking tools in termux. The installation process is given below

apt update
apt upgrade
apt install git
apt install python2
apt install python3
apt install cmatrix
 git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/U7P4L-IN/WIFI-HACKING.git
 python WIFI.py

How to install wifi hacking tools in Kali, parrot and ubantu Linux 

apt update
apt upgrade
apt install git
apt install python
git clone https://github.com/U7P4L-IN/WIFI-HACKING.git
sudo python3 WIFI.py

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