Resberry pi

Resberry pi  Resberry pi is a low cast, credit card size and  Linux based portable computer. It has all function of a basic computer. Rasberry pi has no internal storage, for this you have need to use memory card. You can plug in with monitor or tv , can connect mouse and keyboard with pi. […]

Phishing tools

Infact tool

Hi friends, today I am talking a most powerful tools which is use to reset any android phone by sending a link this tool is “infact”. This tool is bash based script and specially designed for Termux users. You can spread android virus by the sending link. When victims open this link, virus will be […]


How to change termux background

How to change termux background? Many peoples want to change their Termux background colour, font colour and font style but he can not change due to lack of knowledge regards this. In this post I tell you how to you change your background colour of Termux. For this, we use best tools termux-style which is […]