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Hello friends, today I will talk about some important Google extension which is important in our daily life because today we are doing every work in a digital way and mobile, computer has become an essential requirement of life, so it is important that you use some such extensions.  Know about what is important for your life
 extension is utility which is available in Google web store and add in google chrome browser easily. All extension which is added in browser looked in tool bar in your browser .


Lastpass is an extension that keeps your password secure so that your password is not at risk of being stolen online and provides security if you use an online account, it will be able to log in to any of your accounts.  If so, with the help of this extension, we do not need to give password or other information again and again, from this we see that it keeps the account of all social media account

Web Developer

This tools adds in tool bar in browser and provide various supporting tools of many programming language for web development.


This tools provide current time and wether condition. It has facilitate in 12 & 24 format. Time show in new tab.


It is totally free extension tool. When we use computer then many temporary file , history have been created so that computer has been slow due to this matter. This extension performing following tasks in your system

•  this tools remove browsing history
• clear cache and cookies
• scan pc for malicious software
• remove download history from computer
• clean client side structure query language database
• clean hard disk and make space in system for boost up.

To do list

This tools is used for work management now a days our life is more bussy in this tool you can adds your work and study plan in to do list. This tools you can know how much time spent on your task.

Code searcher

This tools find the code of request from one click it is more essay you can easily show your code on visualization


Wappalyzer is a open source intelligence gathering extension which used to analyze technology of a target website, if you want to see technology then first adds wappalyzer in chrome browser and then type the URL of target website in tool box in browser after that website will be opened then select wappalyzer in tool box  and select your requirement.


This tools is used for youtube analyze, it provide trend topic related,  best keywords for youtube . This tool provide notification on youtuber when Chanel reached more views, vidIQ specially designed for youtuber to make more unique and attractive video.

Recorded future

This tools provide real time threat based intelligence. This tools allert you when you visiting a website and he alert you from suspicious email, phishing links with details
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