How to change termux background

How to change termux background?

Many peoples want to change their Termux background colour, font colour and font style but he can not change due to lack of knowledge regards this. In this post I tell you how to you change your background colour of Termux. For this, we use best tools termux-style which is use to change the font colour and font style.

How to install termux-style in Termux

pkg install git

git clone https://github.com/adi1090x/termux-style

cd termux-style

After that installation will be started which is depend upon your network speed then type


Tool will be open and main menu will be displayed you can select according to your requirement.

Watch full video of termux-style


1) provide 89 font colours

2) provide 20 font styles

3) you can chose random colour by this tool

4) this tool provides import other fonts from local file system and internet by URL.

5) if you are not interested and want to remove this tool you can select uninstall script.

How to use termux-style

The use of termux-style is very easy
1) go to termux-style directory and type termux-style and press enter

2) for the change of colours type “C” 

3) select your desired colour and type the value which is displayed 

Colour will be changed

4) if you want to change font styles then type 
termux-style and press enter

5) type “F” and select font style number between 1 to 20

After that font style will be applied in Termux

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