How to delete instagram account (2022)

How to delete Instagram account (2022)


Instagram is a free image and video sharing social network platform which is available in android and iphone , it is a open social media network where anyone can share image and video each other and make like and comment their posts. You can connect with your freinds, relative and many celebrities on Instagram. Facebook bought instagram in 2012. Instagram provide IGTV service.Instagram has become a part of life.

Instagram login

If you want to delete your instagram account firstly you have need to login with instagram account on web not in application. For the log in of instagram account go to official website and fill the user name and password.

Instagram story viewer

Story viewers is a group of people who has read or view your instagram story. It has including total number of viewers and user name of each viewer. You can easily enable in instagram story viewer in your mobile easily step by step. 
Tap  or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
Tap  in the top right.
Tap Archive.
Scroll to the story that you want to see viewer info on.
Tap the story and swipe up on the screen

Save Your Instagram Data before Deleting Your Account

When you want to permanent delete your instagram account, firstly save all instagram data on your registered email.
The following steps will be followed for downloading your data.
1- login your instagram account on browser.
2- go to setting and click on privacy and security.

2- in the privacy and security menu go to data download option and click on request download

3- a new dialog box will be opened and fill your e-mail address where you want to save your data and select format of data like HTML. Then click on next button

4- your  data has been  send to your email account then you download your data.

How to Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account

You can not permanently delete instagram account by the help of instagram apps. For the parmanent delete instagram account firstly go to official delete page of instagram on web browser. The following will be displayed.

2- select the region for deletion of account by drop down menu

3- fill your instagram password and click on delete button which is displayed with your account name 
4- your instagram account has been permanently deleted

Temporarily Delete/Disable Your Instagram Account

1- login your instagram account on browser

2- click on your profile and go to edit profile

3- your personal information like email and phone numbers will be display click on temporarily disable my account

4-  a new page will be opened and select your region for disable your account then fill the instagram password and click on temporarily disable account


5- your instagram account has been temporarily disabled 

Instagram captions 

Instagram captions indicated the meaning and fact about the share image and video who attract the instagram viewers to view share story.

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