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Netcraft provides internet security services for many use cases, including cybercrime detection and disruption, application testing and PCI scanning. The Company based on Bath, Somerset, England. This tools also used with many open-source intelligence tools as a search engine to find out the information like sub domains and other details. This also tools analysis market share of web servers, operating systems, hosting providers, SSL certificate authorities and web technologies. 

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Types of services  

Netcraft provided many types of services 

(a)       Cybercrime Detection, Disruption and Defense services 

This tools provide many types of protection on internet its include: –   

(i)         malicious site feeds 

(ii)        Mobile Phishing Protection 

(iii)       Hosting Phishing Protection 

(iv)       SSL CA Phishing Alerts 

(v)        Deceptive Domain Score 

(b)       Security Testing 

(i)         PCI ASV Scaning 

(ii)        Mobile App Security Testing  

(iii)       Certificate Issuance Security 

(iv)       Hosted Scan Services  

(c)       Internet Data Mining 

This tools provide many types of information  

(i)         Hosting Provider Analysis  

(ii)        Hosting Provider Switching Analysis 

(iii)       Hosting Provider Server Count 

(iv)       Hosting Provider Index 

(v)        SSL Survey 

(vi)       Site Operator Survey 

(vii)      Million Busiest Websites  

(viii)     IP Geolocation 

(ix)       Busiest Sites switching analysis 

Netcraft Search: – you can find out the site report, site neighbors and DNS of any websiteby the search 

How to find out site report: – 

(i)         Firstly go to official website of netcraft and type your website name or IP address. 

(ii) The followings information of website will be display 

(a)       Network Details of website. In this there are much information can be found. Its include: – 

            (i)         Netblock Owner 

            (ii)        Hosting company 

(iii)       IPv4 address 

(iv)       IPv6 address 

(v)        Reverse DNS 

(vi)       Nameserver 

(b)       IP delegation of Webiste 

(c)       IP Geolocation of website  

(d)       SSL And TLS of website  

(e)       Hosting Details of website 

(f)        Web Tracing 

(g)       Technology of Website.

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