Resberry pi

Resberry pi 

Resberry pi is a low cast, credit card size and  Linux based portable computer. It has all function of a basic computer. Rasberry pi has no internal storage, for this you have need to use memory card. You can plug in with monitor or tv , can connect mouse and keyboard with pi.

Resberry pi manufacture by resberry pi foundation of united kingdom. The aim of manufacturing of resberry pi to promoting computer science in developing countries and students who can not afford computer for educational purposes.

Uses of resberry pi 

There are many uses of resberry pi.  I am also using resberry pi and I think this is very useful for you.

Programing learning:-

If you are a student and you want to learn programing language like python, resberry pi is more useful for you because it has all facilities available like a basic computer and it is Linux based.

Ethical hacking :-

If you want to beginning of ethical hacking I recommend you to use resberry pi that provides many free ethical hacking and penitration testing tools. You can check vulnerabilities of your system and you can  good start of ethical hacking.

Learn Linux command:-

 If you are using windows operating system and want to learn Linux commands and practice them resberry pi is more options for you. If you want to install tools who only works on Linux operating system you can purchase resberry pi.

Portable computer  :-

The size of resberry pi is very small and you can carry pocket of your pent so keeping this benefits I emphasize you use resberry pi when you move one place to other places

Low cost:-

It is the main features of resberry pi that many students can not afford a computer but he want to learn programing and other computer related knowledge’s, resberry pi provides all facilities of a basic computer.

Using in Institutes / university:-

Now a days, many institute who teach computer science are using resberry pi in lieu of a basic computer due to chip cast, easy to repair and roughly used by students

Used by researcher and hackers:-

Many researcher and hackers using resberry pi due low cast and if original computer has been disrupted by any attackers or during the research, that will be  a serious issues but if resberry pi has been disrupted, a little loose of hackers. 
So keeping this point I emphasize you if you want to uses of all facilities of a basic computer low, price you can purchase resberry pi. There are many types of resberry pi available.

Hi I am working on cyber security from last 10 years.I want to make aware to all public regarding this

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