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slowloris is a python script which is use for denial of service attack to victims server, after that server cannot respond to other requests which is generated by user.

How this tool affect on threaded server

•Firstly this tool sends lots of HTTPS request

• After that send header every 15 second

• If the server switch off then you have need to relaunch the action.

How to install slowloris in Termux

pkg update

pkg upgrade

pkg install git

pkg install python3

git clone https://GitHub.com/gkbrk/slowloris.git

cd slowloris

python3 slowloris.py

After that this tool will be installed in your Termux

Options in slowloris

-h, –help show this help message and exit
-p PORT, –port PORT Port of webserver, usually 80
-s SOCKETS, –sockets SOCKETS
Number of sockets to use in the test
-v, –verbose Increases logging
-ua, –randuseragents
Randomizes user-agents with each request
-x, –useproxy Use a SOCKS5 proxy for connecting
–proxy-host PROXY_HOST
SOCKS5 proxy host
–proxy-port PROXY_PORT
SOCKS5 proxy port
–https Use HTTPS for the requests
–sleeptime SLEEPTIME
Time to sleep between each header sent.
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